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Nike Goddess of Victory: Good Luck Mediator between Gods and Men.

9 Apr

With Victory beside her she is already a winner.

When I built this sculpture of Nike, my daughter was in my mind everyday. She was  going through a challenging patch, looking for a job, spending months and many hours searching for a job, emailing resumes, answering job.com ads, going on “phone interviews”, maybe being called back for second interviews but most often not. When I finished this sculpture, my daughter had a job; a very good job at that.

Synchronicity had happened. I was working with an archetype and through art and that archetype reached into the deeper order of life.  Grace intervened.

It is my wish that anyone who might possesses this sculpture wil enjoy its beauty and have tremendous luck.

Two Sisters Do Art

Christine and Pamela Palamidessi

Kristen Lamb

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