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Group of Greek Gods: Cartapesta Sculpture

17 May


Orpheus, Ares, Eros, Hermes, Aphrodite and Omphale

As I decide which pieces to include in the show,  these sculptures appear and disappear, in different arrangements in my studio.

I wait for the idea to consolidate, for the grouping and composition  to settle  in my brain.



Cupid Is Eros, Bolt of Blue

2 Apr
back of cupid before finishing

BACK of Eros in progress

FRONT of my Eros, all blue, the loosener of limbs,
A bittersweet, sly, uncontrollable creature….

The past few days I’ve been working on the back of this sculpture… paint, words, paper, glue; typing, blocking adding color.

In the end he will  hold a quiver ( being made by Boston leather artist Jessica Caruso) and two or three arrows.

Here are a few stanzas from the poem that accompanies the sculpture:

I want it!

Reach back into your quiver
and pluck the golden one with
dove’s feathers,
the arrow whose wound inflicts
love, lust, longing.

Let your quick fingers bypass the
leaden arrow winged with
owl feathers. Not for me:

It will strike the heart with complacency
contentment and a fat behind, making
a mere mortal like me reel with indifference.


More Than Dreaming of Dremel Drill…

7 Mar

….now I have one. And it is a terrific tool.

My Cupid is Blue Like Hindu God VishnuAbout a month ago a nice guy at an art supply store asked if I had a Dremel drill, “you’d probably really like one,” he said, “very useful for sculpture.”   Up until that point I was just dreaming about having such a  tool— a dentist’s drill; I contemplated calling my dentist, Eddy Horowitz, and asking if there was a place to buy old, out-of-date dental drills.

Two days ago I went to Home Depot and made a purchase: a 3000 Dremel Drill.

With it , I smoothed around Cupid’s edges. Here you see “Cupid”  who is as blue as the Hindu God Vishnu. In the pic he’s got a lot of pie-crusting around the edges. It’s all gone.


Need to apply pressure to an epoxy glue.  Couldn’t get clamps to the middle of the sculpture so I engineered a contraption with boards, bottles, spray cans, pieces of wood, an old Reese’s box and big C-clamps  to  apply pressure to the mounting device for “Aphrodite”. See the contraption here:epoxy required tight clamping to cure

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