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Cartapesta Color: Under Painting and Top Painting

10 Apr

I am winding up work on this sculpture.But who knows??!! The sculpture may call for another brushstroke, an edge adjustment, a little tweak of word.

Here are images to show lovely surface of the cartapesta ( Italian word for paper mache/  technique I learned in Italy).

Eros the blue

Plaster Casting: First Press of Model Mold

19 Mar
plaster casts

torso molds from plaster, or gesso

Before beginning the paper mache sculpture,  I  create a single, unique  plaster cast cameo of each model by pouring a layer of plaster into the torso mold.  I do this only once so the castings are not  a number in a series of 3-D prints. When plaster is dry, I release the casting and sculpt around the edges.  I will write on the edge. These front chest sculptures are displayed on a wall.

casting plaster

The plaster cameos of Greek gods will be on display at the "two sisters" show in Saxonburg July 21-August 11.

Back-to-back Dremel Days

8 Mar

Another day with my new Dremel.

Christine with Dremel Drill

Protect the eyes, nose, hands and hair when using the Dremel.

Worked around Cupid’s edges ( no picture).

Epoxy that I clamped yesterday cured well overnight. I used the Dremel on Herm(es) and Aphrodite,  engineering how they will join as sculpture.

Hermes' side body, post Dremel

Here's the result of the Dremel trim.

Herm(es), one section of Hermaphrodite  sculpture in below pic(side rib trimmed):

Two Sisters Do Art

Christine and Pamela Palamidessi

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