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Group of Greek Gods: Cartapesta Sculpture

17 May


Orpheus, Ares, Eros, Hermes, Aphrodite and Omphale

As I decide which pieces to include in the show,  these sculptures appear and disappear, in different arrangements in my studio.

I wait for the idea to consolidate, for the grouping and composition  to settle  in my brain.



ares breastplate

7 Mar

IN 2010 I took an airplane trip to Florida to visit my Mom. On the flight with me ( it stopped in Charlotte) was a troop of Marines from New England. They had been home for the weekend to visit their families before shipping out to Iraq. I sat beside three of these young men and spent an hour talking to them–about why they joined the Marines, their high school years, their hopes and dreams.  I cried and their stories stayed with me.  I created a sculpture “Ares Breastplate for 19-Year Old Warriors. These photos are details from the back of the sculpture.  Here is the prayer that accompanies the piece; it is engraved on the base of the sculpture:

WE PRAY IN WORDS: God, Grant them Mercy. Protect them from Death because there’s no way to shield them from the ugliness of War. They’re going to grow inside that monster and see arms blown off bodies, guts flying out of bellies, their buddies’ faces explode, babies abandoned. They’ll be afraid. They’ll pee in their pants. They’ll miss their mothers and cry silently at night asking for your Mercy. Give it to them. Protect them. Guard them. Please don’t eat them. Please don’t drop their young bodies into the War Machine. Let their prayers and ours transform violence. Let the young warriors come home unbroken. Bring them home wise men and women, agents of Love and Compassion.

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