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Group of Greek Gods: Cartapesta Sculpture

17 May


Orpheus, Ares, Eros, Hermes, Aphrodite and Omphale

As I decide which pieces to include in the show,  these sculptures appear and disappear, in different arrangements in my studio.

I wait for the idea to consolidate, for the grouping and composition  to settle  in my brain.



Preparing Prints for Gallery Show

10 May

At the end of the afternoon, I wound down by selecting two small prints and matting them for  the show. I’ll put one print behind glass, to hang; others in poly envelopes for sale.

Both are small mini-views of the larger painting/story on the  back of “Aphrodite” sculpture. Above, is Aphrodite plucking an apple from the tree of life.  Below is the same print containing a short Rilke verse: “Physical pleasure is a sensual experience no different from pure seeing or the pure sensation with which a fine fruit fills the tongue…

My Model Fernanda, first and last step in the creation

13 Mar
Fernanda poses with finished sculpture

Four months later my beautiful model visited my studio and looked through the tail of the finished sculpture of Aphrodite (last step)

She is a muse and inspiration for Aphrodite, Omphale and the female part of Hermaphrodite.

( first step) To begin the sculpture process, I use a body cast as a template for “the mask” which then becomes the sculpture.  Here is my muse/model  Fernanda on the “casting couch”

Beginning of plaster cast
Fernanda was calm and still during first pour of plaster.

Back-to-back Dremel Days

8 Mar

Another day with my new Dremel.

Christine with Dremel Drill

Protect the eyes, nose, hands and hair when using the Dremel.

Worked around Cupid’s edges ( no picture).

Epoxy that I clamped yesterday cured well overnight. I used the Dremel on Herm(es) and Aphrodite,  engineering how they will join as sculpture.

Hermes' side body, post Dremel

Here's the result of the Dremel trim.

Herm(es), one section of Hermaphrodite  sculpture in below pic(side rib trimmed):

Two Sisters Do Art

Christine and Pamela Palamidessi

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