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Old painting…No Warning Label

29 Jun

Here’s a painting of my husband I did about 12 years ago. This is what he looks like after reading the newspaper …something surely sets him off.


New Painting

22 May

This is a painting I started a few months ago ….I’m not sure what the title will be….Forbidden Fruit…..The Fig Leaf…Eden??????

Alice in Wonderland table

30 Mar

This is a child’s table I painted several years ago as part of the Children’s Art Series I was working on. It isn’t part of the July  show in Saxonburg, PA.

Detail of Inception painting

30 Mar

This is a detail of a painting titled Inception.  I was of considering making note cards with  either this detail or perhaps with the entire image. If you want to see the entire image click on Sister P’s paintings.

The Miraculous Draft of Fishes

25 Mar

Hey, so what’s up with all the fish stuff??

The fish is a traditional symbol used in pysanky….so I guess fish designs are in my head. …and besides my sister was talking “baccala” for dinner.

I started to work on an egg with a  similar design and thought it might make and interesting painting.   Now I have to finish the egg so I can display them together.

This is decorative art that I don’t usually paint, but it was interesting adapting the  egg design to a painting.

You know, I’m not really fond of fish.

Two Sisters Do Art

Christine and Pamela Palamidessi

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