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9 Jul

Here’s what I did with eggs that didn’t quite make it. They make great paperweights …the bottom has a weight to make it heavier.


Think Necklace….earrings

22 May

Usually I will throw away eggs that don’t turn out …or I put them in the graveyard…or I give them to Dena’s kids…but then I gotta thinking…hummm….how about making some jewelry from cut out pieces.

Well, I had a horrible experience with a fiberglass resin I tried to put on the front and back of the egg shell pieces……so I will continue to experiment.  I think if I can get the shell coated with a hard enough coating they will be cute.

bird eggs

2 May

More Eggs

26 Apr

I had a chance yesterday to poly some of the eggs I’ve been working on.  I am doing a series of bird designs for the hand egg stands…..a bird in hand series.

Emu Egg

16 Mar

As you can see this emu egg is very large compared to a med sized brown egg.  Emu eggs are not generally dyed; they are either etched with an acid bath of vinegar or carved using drills and such.  I am going to attempt to etch this egg in the next week.

March Eggs

16 Mar

Here are some new eggs I finished last week

Eggs from the Past

12 Mar

These are eggs I have made in the last couple of years.  I only make eggs for the six weeks of Lent, so I am working on this year’s eggs now.

Two Sisters Do Art

Christine and Pamela Palamidessi

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