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9 Jul

Here’s what I did with eggs that didn’t quite make it. They make great paperweights …the bottom has a weight to make it heavier.


Old painting…No Warning Label

29 Jun

Here’s a painting of my husband I did about 12 years ago. This is what he looks like after reading the newspaper …something surely sets him off.

Emu Egg

16 Mar

As you can see this emu egg is very large compared to a med sized brown egg.  Emu eggs are not generally dyed; they are either etched with an acid bath of vinegar or carved using drills and such.  I am going to attempt to etch this egg in the next week.

March Eggs

16 Mar

Here are some new eggs I finished last week

Eggs from the Past

12 Mar

These are eggs I have made in the last couple of years.  I only make eggs for the six weeks of Lent, so I am working on this year’s eggs now.

Egg Holders

9 Mar

Yesterday, I drove to Homer City, PA to pick up the new egg holders I designed.  A friend of mine owns Homer City Automation, a sheet metal frabrication plant that makes custom machinery  for the medical, food and agriculture industries.  She was kind enough to have one of her employees make my designs a reality.  There are two designs,  one upright holding the egg,  the other on its side.   The stainless steel cutout is flat and must be folded into its final shape.

Pysanky Eggs

7 Mar

The Phoenicians, Egyptians, Hindus, Japanese were anong the many  ancient nations that maintained  the world was egg-shaped, and was hatched from an egg made by the Creator, and in some mythologies a bird is represented as laying the mundane egg in primordial waters.

Anyone who has ever held a pasanka egg over an open candle flame to remove the darkened wax certainly must feel as the Creator did upon seeing mother earth.  Little by little brilliant colors and patterns emerge until the entire egg  is revealed in all its splendor. Each unique egg has a story and every color and shape has a meaning ….and you hold the whole world in your hands.

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