Book Sculpture: “Garden of the Gods”

From the earliest times, humans have been compelled to draw stories on cave walls, in the sky, on their bodies and upon whatever surface would accept the chronicling of time and imagination. In the contemporary need to bring the book to a lively 3-D communication, Boston artist Christine Palamidessi’s “Garden of the gods” book sculpture collide a visceral physicality with the intuitive sensibility of a visual artist and the thoughtfulness of a writer.

Each sculpture is a chapter, or story, within the larger “Garden of the gods” umbrella.

The “stories” start out as a body cast of a real person. The casts then become molds for breastplates that are painted, folded, smoothed, and written on to tell modern stories as reflected through the Greek myths. They are colorful and unusual explorations of the human form’s relationship to words. The intention of the art is to capture the transition from words to image and from image to word. In the transformation, the body becomes the picture of the human soul and a container for the message.

For example, in the sculpture Aphrodite, the torso of a beautiful young woman becomes the container for a book about male and female energy, birth, love and pleasure.

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