Who Are We?

Here I am mixing paster for a casting

Hi I’m Christine,  writer and artist and the older sister, which gives me the opportunity to go first in the ‘Who Are We?”. Here I am smiling in my  ‘studiolo’ ( my work is immensely enjoyable!)  as I mix a batch of plaster for a casting, the first step in making  sculptures.  After I have a plaster mold, I use the Venetian mask technique that I learned in Italy ( a particular way with paper mache) to make a breastplate that I write and paint on.

Please visit Christine Palamidessi Artist & Atman Catcher

I also have a wordpress blog: “Art is art. Everything else is everything else.”  On it I write about what else?  Everything else ( yoga, books, film, food)

My sculptures are  for sale on Saatchi Art

Smaller work for sale on Zatista


Pamela:” I live in Cumberland, MD with my husband, Brett, and dog, Rosie.  I began to make pysanky eggs about five years ago when I  learned the wax resist process at a Sacred Art workshop at the Priestfield Center in West Virginia. Since then, every year during Lent  I make my eggs.  It is a challenge for me because it takes a lot of patience, you are working with three dimentional designs and the area is small…….three things that are not particularly my style. When Easter rolls around  I pack up my kiskas and dyes and start to work on my many other projects.   I have a wonderful herb garden  and love to cook (Italian) and bake ( I worked in the baking industry for almost twenty years and was a specialist for eight bakeries in three states). My husband is a wine salesman so we enjoy traveling to the Finger Lakes Vineyards in NY .  But my true love is painting…… there’s just something about spreading colors on a canvas.  I haven’t done any serious painting for a long while , but now that I have traded my baking spatulas for a palette knife, I am using my pysanky eggs as inspiration for my recent paintings. “


2 Responses to “Who Are We?”

  1. anne de nada May 22, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

    I truly enjoyed the two sister story of being artists together although different. Your website is moving and inspiring. Thank you, Anne

    • sistersdoart May 23, 2012 at 12:56 am #

      Hey anne de nada
      Thanks for the encouraging comment. It is always good to hear from the people who read our blog. If you are anywhere near Pittsburgh please come to the show in July. Hope you continue to watch our progress and, of course, your comments are always welcome.

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