More Than Dreaming of Dremel Drill…

7 Mar

….now I have one. And it is a terrific tool.

My Cupid is Blue Like Hindu God VishnuAbout a month ago a nice guy at an art supply store asked if I had a Dremel drill, “you’d probably really like one,” he said, “very useful for sculpture.”   Up until that point I was just dreaming about having such a  tool— a dentist’s drill; I contemplated calling my dentist, Eddy Horowitz, and asking if there was a place to buy old, out-of-date dental drills.

Two days ago I went to Home Depot and made a purchase: a 3000 Dremel Drill.

With it , I smoothed around Cupid’s edges. Here you see “Cupid”  who is as blue as the Hindu God Vishnu. In the pic he’s got a lot of pie-crusting around the edges. It’s all gone.


Need to apply pressure to an epoxy glue.  Couldn’t get clamps to the middle of the sculpture so I engineered a contraption with boards, bottles, spray cans, pieces of wood, an old Reese’s box and big C-clamps  to  apply pressure to the mounting device for “Aphrodite”. See the contraption here:epoxy required tight clamping to cure


One Response to “More Than Dreaming of Dremel Drill…”

  1. sistersdoart March 9, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    I could not live without my dremel. I have ALL the attachments and Pasquale gave me alot of his attachments as well. The sculptures look great!

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