Opening Reception

23 Jul



9 Jul

Here’s what I did with eggs that didn’t quite make it. They make great paperweights …the bottom has a weight to make it heavier.

Old painting…No Warning Label

29 Jun

Here’s a painting of my husband I did about 12 years ago. This is what he looks like after reading the newspaper …something surely sets him off.

Snapshots ….kitchen

28 Jun

Pineapple Mouth

8 Jun

A poster.  Gilcee.

I spent 2 plus years writing a novel about a pineapple plantation.  Then, when I went visual, I created a triptych about the novel, and about writing a novel .  This is a section from middle section of triptych.

Egg Shell Pieces

7 Jun

Here are some egg shell pieces that I just finished.  Some of the pieces will be made into necklaces or pins.  There are a few more bigger pieces that also might work as jewelry…but we’ll see.

Success…sort of

31 May

I’m still working on the eggshell jewelry….in the process of making new designs .

I am sitting in the shade so you can’t see this one that well.  The next ones I make will be without beads and a thicker black cord.

Think Necklace….earrings

22 May

Usually I will throw away eggs that don’t turn out …or I put them in the graveyard…or I give them to Dena’s kids…but then I gotta thinking…hummm….how about making some jewelry from cut out pieces.

Well, I had a horrible experience with a fiberglass resin I tried to put on the front and back of the egg shell pieces……so I will continue to experiment.  I think if I can get the shell coated with a hard enough coating they will be cute.

New Painting

22 May

This is a painting I started a few months ago ….I’m not sure what the title will be….Forbidden Fruit…..The Fig Leaf…Eden??????

Group of Greek Gods: Cartapesta Sculpture

17 May


Orpheus, Ares, Eros, Hermes, Aphrodite and Omphale

As I decide which pieces to include in the show,  these sculptures appear and disappear, in different arrangements in my studio.

I wait for the idea to consolidate, for the grouping and composition  to settle  in my brain.


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